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Teeth-in-an-hour™ is the perfect solution for people that have no teeth (or will have the teeth removed) in either top jaw, bottom jaw, or both.teeth in hour


The process is truly remarkable.
Historically, patients would have multiple surgeries over the course of 4-9 months to obtain what is now completed in approximately one hour.

Teeth-In-An-Hour™ Dental technology is constantly advancing, allowing patients to receive less invasive procedures while still achieving beautiful, permanent, long-lasting results.

The process is cutting edge: A CT scan is used with Virtual Reality software to plan the implant placement and fabricate the final bridge/denture (teeth replacement) before the surgery is even performed. This computerguided dental implant surgery is extremely accurate, safe, and allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment.
Furthermore, this procedure allows our Advanced Scarsdale Oral Surgery Teeth-in-an-Hour patients to walk out with beautiful teeth the same day!

How does Teeth in an Hour™ work?

Using a high-tech 3-D (CT) scan of your jaw structure and three-dimensional computer imaging technology, the precise placement of the implant abutments is planned out, and a highly aesthetic non-removable bridge (tooth replacement) is fabricated - all before the short incision-free procedure is ever performed. Before your appointment, our highly skilled Westchester/Scarsdale dental implants providers will create a precise surgical guide. During your appointment, they will place the implant bridge in a precise position for optimum esthetics and function. Because the implants fit exactly into the surgical sites created for them, there is no healing time necessary for the bone to fill in around them, and this is why you can function immediately! Since so much time and effort is spent in the planning phase and it is so precise, the actual surgical appointment goes fairly quickly. The end result for you: Immediate function of your dental implants. Less pain during the appointment and during the post-operative recovery period. A highly esthetic and functional result because of the careful planning.

What are Teeth-In-An-Hour™?

Teeth-In-An-Hour™ is a revolutionary procedure which can place dental implants and temporary crowns in only one hour. Traditionally, patients had to wait 6-12 weeks for their implants to heal, but with Teeth-In-An-Hour™, Oral Surgeons Dr.Adam Brisman and Dr.Paul Li can place your dental implant and immediately fit it with atemporary crown that you will wear through your healing process. After your implant reaches osseointegration, or the direct structural integration of your implant to your living gum and jaw bone, you will return to our Scarsdale Advanced Dental specialty for oral surgeons Dr.Adam Brisman and Dr.Paul Li to place your permanent crown. Teeth-In-An-Hour™ provide dental implant results in one appointment that would usually span months.

At Scarsdale Advanced dental specialty oral surgeons offers Teeth-In-An-Hour™ in Westchester, a dental implant procedure which has revolutionized the speed and convenience of restorative dentistry.

At Advanced Scarsdale Oral Surgery, patients who receive Teeth-In-An-Hour™ in Westchester, Scarsdale will enjoy:

• Successful implant without the need for secondary procedures to increase bone density

• Titanium post (anchor) and prosthetic in on procedure

• Reduced number of dental visits

• Speedier implant procedure

• A beautiful smile in just one hour

Who are the best candidates for Teeth-In-An-Hour™?

The best candidates for Teeth-In-An-Hour™ are patients who need a dental implant and also contain naturally high jaw bone density. Oral surgeons Dr. Adam Brisman and Dr.Paul Li can determine the density of your jawbone and whether this procedure is recommended for you with the most advanced, three-dimensional x-rays. Patients who display high jaw bone density can achieve osseointegration without a sinus lift or bone grafting to anchor the titanium post. These patients are ideal candidates for Teeth-In-An-Hour™.

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- tooth extractions
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- impacted canines
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- pre-prosthetic surgery
- bone graft
- sinus lift surgery

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