Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

- Constructed from 100% BruxZir Solid Zirconia
- Fixed
- Durable
- Esthetic replacement for removable dentures
- Dramatically improves speech and chewing function

Traditional removable dentures are not your only solution. Dental Implants can help you by supporting a more secure and stable replacement for teeth.

The “hybrid denture” is referred to as a hybrid because it combines the advantages of a fixed replacement with those of a removable denture.

A hybrid denture requires placing four or more dental implants in the jaw. In most cases a temporary denture is essentially screwed into the dental implants on the same day of dental implant placement (teeth in one day).

After the dental implants have completely healed (usually 4-6 months), a final hybrid denture is fabricated and inserted which is more durable and esthetic in nature.

The hybrid denture is fixed and is only able to be removed by your general dentist

If you are a denture wearer, or you have multiple problematic teeth, and you want a non-removable teeth solution, hybrid dentures could be the answer for you.

Unlike removable dentures, hybrid dentures do not feel bulky. For the upper denture the roof of the mouth will remain open. While this feels more natural, it also lets you enjoy the taste of your food.

Hybrid dentures also are much more stable and do not shift against the jaw ridge. They are firmly anchored into the dental implants. This stability also avoids the occasional soreness which can happen beneath dentures when foods like seeds get trapped below.
Patients with hybrid dentures very often enjoy a wider variety of food more comfortable as compared to their old removable dentures.

For patients with greater financial flexibility, we prescribe the Premium Hybrid Bridge.
This solution incorporates shaded gingival tissue and zirconia-based ceramic restorations that are cemented onto the precision-milled titanium bar, making it a highly esthetic option.
Both options offer excellent predictability, esthetics and function.

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