When a tooth is stuck and is not able to properly erupt in order to function, it is often called an impacted tooth. Most often, the wisdom teeth become impacted teeth as they attempt to erupt, leading the wisdom teeth to become stuck in the back of the mouth. This improper eruption of the wisdom teeth can also lead to incredibly painful infections, which require additional visits to Advanced Dental – Scarsdale to resolve.

Apart from the wisdom teeth, the maxillary canine, or the upper eyetooth, can often become an impacted tooth as a result of improper growth. The maxillary canine plays a crucial role in the jaw, as it is the canines that are used as biting teeth. The canines develop the longest roots of all human teeth, and are the first teeth to touch when the jaw is closed. This placement of the canines allows for the rest of the teeth to properly grow.

The canines are the last teeth to grow in the jaw out of all the front teeth, usually growing in at age 13. The eruption of the canines in the mouth cause any gaps or spaces that have been left in the front teeth to close together, and ultimately disappear. Unfortunately, if the canine teeth erupt improperly, and become impacted, it is vital to schedule a visit to Advanced Dental – Scarsdale before any damage to the adjacent teeth is done.

Our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale provide a unique technique that is used to aid in the eruption of the impacted canine, or any other impacted tooth.


At Advanced Dental – Scarsdale, we provide a unique surgical procedure used to apply an orthodontic bracket to an impacted tooth. This orthodontic bracket will be able to properly aid the affected tooth into the established place as it erupts.

If the canines do not erupt properly, our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale will be able to aid these impacted canines into erupting and growing into their established places. Because each patient may have different needs when it comes to impacted teeth, our oral surgeons and orthodontists will evaluate each case individually in order to find the best treatment possible for the patient. While each patient may be different, the most common scenarios involve placing braces on the teeth, or on the upper arch only, opening up a space to leave room for the impacted teeth to erupt into the proper position, and referring the patient to an oral surgeon to have the impacted tooth bracketed.

At Advanced Dental – Scarsdale, our oral surgeons will perform a surgical procedure to aid the impacted tooth into proper growth. The gum on top of the affected tooth is lifted up, in order to have the affected tooth fully exposed. In the case that there is a baby tooth in the affected area, the baby tooth will be removed during the procedure. As the affected tooth is exposed, an orthodontic bracket will be attached, or bonded, to the tooth by a qualified oral surgeon. The orthodontic bracket has a miniature gold chain attached to it.

This miniature gold chain is guided back to an orthodontic arch wire and temporary attached. In some cases, the gum above the impacted tooth is lifted up entirely above the tooth, leaving the affected tooth completely exposed. After the procedure, the gum is placed back to the original location. In most cases, the gum is placed back and the chain remains visible through a small hole in the gum.


In 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery, the patient must return to Advanced Dental – Scarsdale in order to have a rubber band attached to the chain. This rubber band places a slight pulling force on the impacted tooth to guide the tooth into its proper position. This process may take up to a year to complete, as the goal is to avoid extracting the impacted tooth and guiding it into the proper place in the dental arch. The process is slow and carefully controlled, but will leave you with a bright and healthy smile!


In most cases, the patient is put under local anesthesia or I.V. sedation, however this is not always necessary. The procedure is fairly straightforward and quick, taking about 45 minutes if only one tooth is being bracketed and exposed. If teeth on both sides needs to be bracketed and exposed, the procedure may take around an hour.

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