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Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty is rated the #1 Advanced dental care clinic in the greater Scarsdale area. We specialize in Oral Surgery, Dental Implantation, Tooth Extraction, Wisdom Teeth Removal, as well as Braces and Invisalign implementation and have garnered a powerful reputation with our patients over our many years of providing service. We over at Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty have provided service to generations of families that always leave smiling!

At Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty, we pride ourselves on our incredible and sincere customer support—offering deep and intuitive assistance to all of our patients’ inquires, thus, we are ranked #1 in customer service, reliability, and performance.

We also strive for a pain-free environment, which is why we offer the most careful and pleasant oral surgery under sedation in all of the Westchester (Scarsdale) area. Whether it be Wisdom Teeth Removal, Single Tooth Implant, Hybrid (Non-Removal) Denture-Over-Implant, or Implant-Over-Denture, we will ensure that you are properly sedated and relaxed prior to your surgery. We provide a Deep Sedation—akin to sleep—via IV, or, alternatively, we may administer “Laughing Gas” as per your request.  We may administer varying degrees of sedation at the behest of patients who may be nervous, suffer various conditions, or otherwise. Throughout all procedures involving sedation, we at Scarsdale Advanced Oral Surgery monitor all vital signs of our patients to ensure the patient receives the best care possible. Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty likes to maintain close relationships with all who step through the door. We are the best providers in dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics in the whole Scarsdale Area.

Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty offers a wide range of procedures and options for each and every client’s favor. In regard to Braces for example, the patient has the choice of selecting either Traditional Metal Braces (which are offered in several colors), Clear Ceramic braces (are less noticeable), or Invisalign (a completely invisible and removable teeth-adjusting apparatus). Dr.Zeynep Ulku is our resident Orthodontist with many years of experience caring for patients (from children to adults) who may be anxious about receiving braces. She graduated Harvard University and Harvard School of Dental Medicine at the top of her class. Dr. Ulku is a highly rated, as well as skilled, orthodontist with the ability to perform several braces-implementation techniques in addition to dealing with specialty cases of patients with cleft lips and palettes as well as other issues.

Depending on the severity of the case, Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty offers Single Tooth implant, Denture-Over-Implant, or Implant-Over-Denture, Bone Grafting, as well as our Patented “Teeth in an Hour,” procedures to patients that fit the criteria according to our oral surgeons. Scarsdale Advanced Oral Surgery has been called the absolute best when it comes to difficult operations such as these. Our patients have hailed Scarsdale Advanced Oral Surgery as their go-to for all their oral surgery needs.

Scarsdale Advanced Dental Specialty vividly walks each patient through the procedure that they may undergo. We place great emphasis on assuaging any confusion or trepidation the client may fear. These are brief overviews that your Scarsdale Advanced Oral Surgeon will provide more detail for. Scarsdale Advanced dental specialist - oral surgeons, orthodontists and endodontist are courteous, patient, and kind with all patients in need of care. We are considered #1 in alleviating all preconceptions and fears about going to the dentist.


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