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In the case of restoring a missing tooth, the most popular method is to receive a dental implant. A dental implant, a small titanium appliance, is used as a form of artificial tooth root in order to allow for the artificial tooth to have an anchor to keep it in place. The titanium post is inserted into the jawbone, which allows our dental professionals at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale to place a seamless and natural looking artificial tooth in place of the missing tooth.

Benefits of the Single Tooth Dental Implant:

The single tooth dental implant provides a completely natural looking and functional solution for the missing tooth. Our team at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale have provided a short list of the benefits provided by receiving a single tooth dental implant: Your smile will be restored to look virtually identical to its natural state The adjacent teeth are not damaged A positive increase in self-confidence, appearance, and convenience of oral hygiene Improved health as a result of improved nutrition Improved comfort Easier to eat The most natural-looking and durable solution for missing teeth

What You Should Know:

The small titanium appliance that is placed in the jawbone is an anchor for the artificial tooth. The anchor itself is a sort of miniature screw made of titanium, due to its compatibility to bone. Our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale will attach the anchor to the jawbone and the gum tissue in the space left behind by the missing tooth in order for the crowns to be properly placed on top. The crown is the artificial tooth that is placed on top of the titanium anchor. At Advanced Dental – Scarsdale, our team of professional dentists will perform a series of procedures in order to successfully place the crown and anchor in their correct positions and securely attach them to the jawbone. After the implant process is completed, your smile will have been restored to its natural appearance, causing you absolutely no discomfort or inconveniences. If you have healthy gums, adequate bone support, and overall good health you may be a candidate for the single tooth dental implant. In order to determine if dental implants are right for you, schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale to speak with our professionals.

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