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denture over implants non-removable hybrid denture

Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture
- Constructed from 100% BruxZir Solid Zirconia
- Fixed
- Durable
- Esthetic replacement for removable dentures
- Dramatically improves speech and chewing function

Although the traditional removable denture is the most common denture used in the dental practice, our dental specialist at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale offer a new, secure, and stable replacement for teeth. Our specialists offer the hybrid denture, which is a non-removable denture that combines both the traditional removable denture and a fixed denture.

When a patient needs a hybrid denture, the procedure involves the placement of four or more dental implants in the jaw. During most hybrid denture procedures, a temporary denture is adhered, or screwed, into the dental implants, usually on the same day. The implants must go through a period of healing, which usually takes about 4 to 6 months. After the implants are fully healed, the hybrid denture is custom made and placed in the mouth.

Things To Know About The Hybrid Denture:

The hybrid denture is a fixed denture, and cannot be removed. This denture may only be removed by our specialists at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale. Hybrid dentures are ideal for those with multiple issues in the teeth, and those who wish to have a fixed denture. The hybrid denture combines the effectiveness and strength of the traditional denture, and eliminates the risk of forgetting to wear the denture or losing the denture.

While the removable denture may feel bulky, the hybrid denture has no such issues. The denture on the roof of the mouth remains open, allowing the denture itself to feel more natural. This open area of the upper denture allows the patient to be able to taste their food, which the traditional removable denture does not allow.

Denture over implants

Those who wear the traditional removable denture may experience the denture shifting against the jaw ridge, or a less stable feeling. Fortunately, the hybrid denture solves these issues. The hybrid denture is firmly anchored to the dental implants placed in the jaw, making the hybrid denture stable, and does not allow the denture to shift against the jaw ridge. The stability of the hybrid denture alleviates any soreness that may occur when wearing the traditional removable denture.

The premium hybrid bridge is a similar treatment to the hybrid denture, usually offered to those patients with greater financial flexibility. The premium hybrid denture uses shaded gingival tissue and zirconia-based ceramic restorations, which are adhered to the titanium bar. As effective as the hybrid denture, the premium hybrid bridge is a great solution for those seeking a more esthetic option.

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