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3D Dental X-rays

Everything You Need to Know about 3D Dental X-Ray Technology

At Advanced Dental – Scarsdale we pride ourselves in using the most advanced technology in order to give each one of our patients the best available treatments. Breakthroughs in the field of dentistry have allowed our office to introduce 3D dental x-ray technology to provide the most accurate results and give our patients the most comfortable experience in our office.

What Is 3D Dental X-Ray Technology?

3D dental x-ray technology is used at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale in order to give an accurate 3D version of the patient’s mouth, allowing our specialists to accurately diagnose and treat our patients with the best available treatments. At our office, the 3D machine is called Gendex, which gives a panoramic view of the patient’s mouth.

This panoramic view can give the most accurate possible view of the patient’s mouth, allowing us to diagnose any problems the patient may have quickly and efficiently.

How Are 3D Dental X-Rays Taken?

As you come into our office, Advanced Dental – Scarsdale, to have a 3D dental x-ray taken, you will stand still while the camera rotates around your head. As the camera rotates, it completes a complete 360-degree scan of the mouth. The entire process only takes a few minutes, giving you a quick and comfortable experience.

How Do Patients Benefit from 3D Dental X-Ray Technology?

3D dental x-ray technology provides increased diagnostic accuracy, as it leaves very little room for error, which can only be caused by movement while the cameras take photographs. The technology provided at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale gives the highest quality 3D images, allowing our dental professionals to pinpoint any dental issues before they cause any real damage.

With 3D dental x-rays, the patient is not exposed to any unnecessary radiation, as they would have been with less advanced technology. With our 3D dental x-rays our patients experience the lowest possible amount of radiation while getting their x-rays taken.

The advanced technology of the 3D dental x-rays allows our dental specialists to have clear, high-quality images of the patients mouth. These images allow for quicker diagnostics and the prevention of any dental issues the patient may have, before they can cause any damage.

Are 3D Dental X-Rays Safe?

Unlike less advanced x-ray technology, 3D dental x-ray technology is one of the safest ways to take x-rays of the patient’s mouth. The amount of radiation the patient is exposed to when taking the x-ray is an extremely small amount. If you are concerned about the 3D dental x-ray technology, feel free to contact our team at Advanced Dental – Scarsdale.

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